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I've been wanting to make a game with a dark atmosphere for a while now, and the announcement of IGMC 2015 felt like an opportunity for me to finally do it. Last year, I released Save Point and had a lot of fun making it, but the game was really just about showing a battle system I wanted to try for a while. Now I want to tell a story, and do something different from a RPG. So I decided to make GUILT, a stealth/horror game made with Game Maker Studio.


GUILT tells the story of a woman lost in a dark forest. The atmosphere is heavy and there doesn't seem to be anything alive in it, but she has to go through it. While exploring, strange things happen around her as she comes across things that shouldn't be in the middle of a forest. Discover what's going on in this dark place, why she's here and try to lead her to a safer place.


The main focus of GUILT is exploration. You'll have to walk your way through the forest, sometimes you'll need to jump, climb, ...
But something is in this place. Something follows the woman. She'll have to hide. She'll have to sneak through them. If they see her, then her only hope will be to run... But will that be enough?

You can see some live gameplay here. More videos may be available soon!

You are free to post videos of the game on Youtube or other video streaming services, even if monetized. The only condition is to not claim the game as your own; the rest is up to you (a link to the game's page is highly appreciated though!).


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Terrific game, great visual style. Nicely done.

Part 2! Love the way the story seems to be told without any words or anything, and yet still conveys that emotional hit from time to time.

Ahh, another puzzle game that makes me feel stupid. Really loving the game though!


Played this the other day! Loved it! So much stress when the music kicks in!
An absolute "must play" if you like stealth and horror games :)

Stay Rad Everybody!!